Are your products sustainable?
All products are made only from natural and sustainable sources.

What if I drop it or crash my case?
We strongly advise to be careful. Wood may brake under excessive force. Nevertheless, our experience shows that our cases may survive even a number of drops and crashes on hard concrete although it cannot be anyhow guaranteed, of course. On the bright side, even after severe crashes our cases have always protected iPhone from any scratch whatsoever.

Does a case wear out?
Yes, with the great distance of time it will. However, as our case is made from natural wood, only, its alive and may deviate in dimensions when put under severe whether conditions. When returned to commonly expected environment it shall recover.

Can I send in my own material?
No. We use only certified wood that is prepared to be more durable when cut in great detail as our products shall make a precise fit for your iPhone. All apologies.

What is included in my order?
All ordered cases are delivered with a cardboard box and a paper gift bag so you have a nice place to keep your case when its not on your iPhone and/or use it as a gift for your friends & family. In packing only recycled materials are used.

What about iPhone performance or warranty?
None of our products demands any alterations to your iPhone. You can freely put them on or take them off without affecting performance and changing the looks of your iPhone.