Welcome to RixWood

Planted trees

We plant 2 trees for every iPhone case we sell to restore nature’s resources for the next generations. Video reports are to be found on RixWood’s YouTube channel. Fact: Approximately 20'000 iPhone cases can be made out of a full grown tree.

Eco & Recycled materials

We use only Eco friendly & Recycled materials to minimize the use of nature's resources.


Socially responsible business is what appeals to us. We ask our Facebook followers for advice before every donation is made.

Education 3%

3% of our profits are devoted to activities educating kids who have not been that fortunate & lack their parents support.

Society 3%

Another 3% of our profits are used to support improvements in social environment & benefits to society.

Our Philosophy

RixWood is a connection of friends & family, tradition & technology, art & function. We put our passion & trust in all what we do because we believe this is the way things work. We enjoy our work and everyone who shares our values is like a family member to us.

We are following the old Latvian wisdom of life passed through generations. Don’t take more than necessary and always make sure to restore in nature what you have taken. Sustainable development is what it is called today.