Handcrafted to be unique

The idea of making iPhone cases was inspired by news about Sharp's Touch Wood. It made us wonder wouldn’t it be nice to give our iPhones a touch of natural wood. Make it more personal? Closer to nature? So in late 2010 we decided the game was on. It took years and effort of many great people to finally get the result we all longed for but it was worth it.  Now we can proudly share a pleasure with You of having a unique hand crafted case & other useful wooden accessories. 

RixWood iPhone case

Designed, hand crafted and packed in Latvia, all our products are unique & there are no two similar items.

Wood - Only the finest natural wood from FSC certified supplier is used in crafting our products. You can choose from various types of wood available in our stock.

Lacquer - All cases are covered with a high quality lacquer to provide smooth surface of products & making wood the most resistant to unfavorable conditions.

Wax – Upon polishing the product it is finished with wax, an organic product historically used as a wood preservative & friendly to environment.

Packing - Made from the finest recycled cardboard and paper not to impose additional use of natural sources. The more we use what we have, the less we need to add.

Sawdust – Large pieces of sawdust, by-product of cutting wood, is used as a wrapping to even out humidity in a packing & it looks great. So nothing goes to waste.